Mandy Stadtmiller

Personally: She is a beautiful, bright, motivated, powerful woman with a heart that is larger than life.

Professionally: She is a journalist and a comedian. Formerly with the New York Post.

Mandy has played many roles in my NYC life — boss, mentor, connector, teacher, and friend. When I first met Mandy, I was fresh out of Maryland trying to make sense of my new life in NYC. I was an intern looking for a job and Mandy was looking to hire an assistant. A mutual friend connected us and we decided to give a potential working relationship a try.

Our hectic schedules made it hard to work out a permanent employment arrangement but we managed to come to an agreement. Mandy, being one of the most powerful and respected women in NYC, offered to help me network and transition seamlessly into the industry. After I began assisting her, she began introducing me to big people in NYC — people who I never dreamed I’d be e-mailing and meeting.

Whenever I’d make a typo on an e-mail, I’d get a firm verbal bitch slap. As soon as I’d realize an editing mistake in a sent e-mail, I knew there’d be an aggressive e-mail coming shortly after urging me to triple check my work. Thank god for that — now my e-mails are borderline perfect haha.

Aside from helping me land a job, Mandy inspired me. She taught me that life is about more than a detailed resume. Life is about personal branding and finding appropriate ways to stand out. I could literally sit and listen to this woman talk for hours — and believe me, I have :)

Mandy is actually the force that inspired me to create this blog. One night, she and I were sitting in her living room. I was doing miscellaneous tasks and Mandy was thinking of ways to get me off to the right start in NYC. As soon as I told her I enjoy writing, she insisted that I start my own blog. I contemplated on what to name the blog — approximately 30 minutes later “What Is Your Worth" was born!

She was constantly telling me to recognize my worth and represent all of the positive things that I had to offer. When I would feel like nothing, Mandy would spazz out and say “Umm, Hello!!! You’re a young, hot, bright woman with a great head on your shoulders — Use that”! After she pounded it in my head a few times, I finally started to believe it. My goal is to inspire others the way she has inspired me.

Mandy started out as my boss and now I consider her my friend. Her warm weekly texts and never-ending advice is the force that keeps me confident and grounded in this crazy industry. This post doesn’t nearly describe all of the good times we’ve shared and all of the valuable advice that Mandy has given me.

It’s hard to imagine what my NYC life would be like if it wasn’t for her.

I bid Mandy goodbye as she sets off to LA to pursue many new career endeavors. Visit the links below to keep up on her entertaining journey!